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...but do they believe in me?

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Birthdate:Mar 23
Location:Indiana, United States of America
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Hi. My name is "Pixie" (For my real name you must be on my friends list and I am not accepting new friends here at this time). I've been on Live Journal since Febuary 18, 2003. I started pixielust June 11, 2003. Why the discrepancy? I had a journal, skyewriter but decided to switch to another journal because that journal I had kept public, and I wanted to keep this one a little more private.
This Journal is Friends Only

If you're not a complete jackass, I should have no problem adding you back. As of 3/4/06 I am no longer accepting new friends to this journal unless I see you around and decide I like you. Edit 10/16/06: Unless you are a friend of a friend and I haven't banned you. There's remarkably few people actually banned though. Just a few remarkable people who have managed to royally piss me off. Despite my attitude, snarkiness and general annoyance with the human race in general, that's honestly very hard to do. Congrats! :)

I very rarely do friends cuts, but I have done them before, and probably will again.

A little about me
I am currently living with my 9 year old daughter and my parents until I can get a place of my own. I've been through a recent break up with someone I was with for over 8 years, and it hurt, but I am moving past it. I consider myself a gnostic Christian, and am very interested in Novus Spiritus.

My main hobbies are I like to write poetry, I love to play The Sims 2, playing with my daughter, and spending quality time with friends and family. I am currently on disability for a chronic mental illness and if you have an issue with that, I suggest you not friend me.

I do comment some...but I don't always comment if I don't have something to say. I do always read. There are times when I update 10 times a day, and sometimes once every couple of days. At times, I feel very antisocial. Every thought I have typically goes into this journal. I am brash, unapologetic and offensive. In my journal. I always show my friends, and their journals, the same respect I expect in mine. However, if you make me think too much, I will write about it in my journal. If I agree, typically I'll link or mention you by name. If I do not, I'll do you the courtesy of not linking you, but I WILL talk about it. I have friends of all sorts, liberals and conservatives, Christians and pagans. Pro life and pro choice. I am capable of showing respect for every viewpoint, even if I disagree with it.

As you can probably tell, I am borderline obsessed with the TV show Futurama. I have all 4 box sets AND Bender's Big Score and will probably buy anything else that comes out. If anyone wants to make me a livejournal Futurama layout, I would give you SO many internet cookies and loads of love (and credit). Yeah. Obsessed. :D

by [info]___flight_risk

The only things I will not tolerate in a friend is homophobia, racism, and pedophilia or those who knowingly live with/have their children near pedophiles. Every one of those kind of people make me want to puke. I'd sad I even have to add that last part. Go away now please.

Anoher add to the old info because people are STUPID and rude and we go. Rating communities suck. I don't care how "nice" or "cool" they claim to be. I can describe them all in one word. Pathetic. And here's why. You take a bunch of people who take it upon themselves to "rate" other people. If those people are accepted, they TOO get to "rate" other people and decide if they are good enough to... rate other people. I don't care if a community is rating looks, personality, both, or pull something out of their ass and decide to rate your cat, or your dog...or your baby for Christ's sake. It's just a bunch of insecure people boosting (or more likely, tearing down) random people's self esteem based on a variety of abstract characteristics. What happened to uniqueness? What happened to non-conformity? Whatever happened to questioning and denouncing bullshit authoritarian systems instead of propping them up? And last of all, what ever happened to not giving a shit WHAT a bunch of random people think?

In short.

NO, I do not want to join your lame ass rating community. I loathe communities that think they're better than everybody else. I do not need people I don't know, and more than likely don't care to know because you're a bunch of self-righteous, snobby closeminded assholes "accepting" me to boost my sense of self. If I wanted to join any, I'd simply go searching for them MYSELF. There is an LJ interest search button I can hit if I am on the prowl for communities to join. Instead of spending all your time giving unwanted spam comments, actually add interests to your community, so they'll show up on the fucking search engine. Much less work, MUCH less annoying. And for the record, there are PROMOTION communities. K? SO if your stupid ass can't read somebody's INFO before spamming people's'll get deleted, banned and reported as spam. K. Thx. BYE.</b>

Who else is love?
[info]pseudomonasme scripsit anno 2005

Public post of free icons made by me. Credit or not, I don't care.

Now for the credits

The banner in my info was made by the awesome [info]__alt_icons. The Bender F.O. banner was made by [info]dogslaughter. And my awesome Futurama mood theme was made by [info]jlhfan624. Most of my icons are credited in keywords. If it's not it's because I ganked it from someone because I liked it. If you ask me nicely to credit, I will. If you're a bitch, it will remain uncredited because *gasp* I can be a bitch too!

All graphics community buttons can be found HERE I have dial up. It's killing my info. *But* I highly recommend anyone click the link and join each and every one of these communities because they are awesome.

Oh and if you ever want a GreenZap account tell them pixy sent ya!)
....and oh, what the fuck My Amazon Wish List

i'm in hufflepuff!
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